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Learn English the SMAART way.


English3 offers industry-specific courses, in that we provide content specifically built to help individuals learn the terms and phrases unique to their industry. By focusing the program on providing real-life language skills that the individual will need and use everyday, English3 offers a more targeted and effective learning experience.


The English3 program produces measurable results that align with international language proficiency tests. For example, FUNVAL is a humanitarian organization dedicated to empowering deeply impoverished young people throughout Central America. After using English3 for a period of 4 months, over 88% of individuals were placed in English-required full-time jobs. The average wage increased from $22.50 to $317.00 per month--an increase of 1,309%.


The English3 program changes to fit each individual's current knowledge, skills, and learning styles to maximize his or her time in the software. The program also uses task-based learning. This means that the individual learns the English language in context. By tying in new learning with familiar material and situations, he or she is able to learn more in a shorter amount of time.


With English3, individuals learn twice as fast compared to other solutions. For example, high school teachers across Sonora, Mexico, were invited to participate in a summer course that would improve their English skills. At the end of a one-month period, 100% of the teachers reported that they learned significantly faster using English3 than with any other program. With English3, the teachers scored an average of 40% higher on their English assessments.


The English3 software can track the individual's ability to retain learning concepts. As he or she remembers a concept over time, it is reviewed less frequently. If an individual struggles to remember a specific learning concept, it is reviewed more frequently until it is fully integrated into long-term memory.


The learning management system includes many tools that help learners practice and improve, including Asynchronous Video Technology (AVT), as well as a vocabulary tool, listening tool, reading tool, virtual world, timed speaking practice, and others. All of these tools ensure that learners spend their time speaking, listening, reading, and writing, and that they receive the personalized feedback that they need to continue to improve. The program is cloud based and compatible with any internet device, including desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones.