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A Widespread Problem

Part of the process for international students to be accepted into an American university is obtaining the English proficiency requirement. There are typically two options:

  1. Passing an English language proficiency test
  2. Enrolling in an IEP or ESL program

The challenge with the first method is students are not exposed to American culture or academic English until they get into the classroom. With the second method, students and schools spend excessive amounts of time and money that could be spent elsewhere. Schools risk losing money on unprepared students, and student lose valuable time that could be spent working towards a degree. English3 provides solutions to ease the enrollment process and elevate international student success.

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The test you can trust.

The English3 Proficiency Test is the most effective way to evaluate incoming international students on college readiness. Not only is this the most comprehensive language exam available, it will give you access to student video submissions and help you make better-informed admissions decisions.

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