About English3

Our Mission

Increase access to quality education through accurate, affordable, and available English proficiency instruction and assessment.

English Proficiency Understood

English3 is a world-leader in English language assessment and instruction. We work with top-tier universities, Fortune 500 companies, large and small businesses, public and private educational institutions, as well as individual learners. We have taken non-English speakers across the globe from true beginners to being placed in jobs and other programs requiring substantial English language skills, often in less than 4 months.

English3 has taken the principles that bring success in teaching English proficiency and applied them to assess English proficiency. English3’s patent-pending Authentic Interactive Simulations have proven just as effective in evaluating language skills as they are in helping learners to acquire language skills.

Humanitarians at Heart

English3 partners with humanitarian projects throughout the world. One organization, FUNVAL, takes the poorest of the poor, teaches them English, places them in English-required jobs.

FUNVAL increases students’ average income from $22 per month to $417 per month, after only 3 months of English training!

“As the Director of a humanitarian organization dedicated to finding jobs for the poor, English3 is a miracle! …It means “food, medicine, housing, clothing, in short, it means HOPE to improve the lives of the poorest of the poor.”

Roberto González | FUNVAL Program Director

A Proven
Track Record

English3 combines proven principles with patent-pending technologies. You benefit.

“English3 was a catalyst for us at Intel Corporation in China. The employees that were a part of the program learned faster, retained longer, and applied the acquired English language skills sooner. It was an excellent return on investment. I would recommend English3 to any individual or organization that is serious about language acquisition.”

Craig Woll, PhD | Intel