We're Better Together

Let’s elevate the admissions and ISSS

English3 partners with organizations that provide a meaningful
improvement to the international student and scholar experience.

If your organization increases the accessibility, affordability,
convenience or effectiveness of higher education,
we'd love to discuss a partnership.

US Partners

Terra Dotta

Terra Dotta is the leader in higher education travel, study abroad and ISSS management solutions. Over 600 institutions use Terra Dotta’s enterprise solutions to streamline all aspects of global collegiate travel and international student programs. Terra Dotta’s solutions help optimize study abroad and ISSS enrollment; deliver real-time communication for university travelers; facilitate international partnerships, and ensure compliance for international travel/scholar programs. 


​StudentUniverse believes that cultural exchange and travel is essential to modern education. As the leading travel booking service for students and youth, StudentUniverse partners with over 90 airline partners across the globe to advocate for young travelers’ needs. In 2018, StudentUniverse has serviced more than 500,000 passengers with exclusive youth and student airfares. 

Global Partners

AATC, West Africa

​AATech provides high quality, cost-effective IT education to students across Africa. The primary goal is to prepare students for immediate entry into the workplace, decrease the gap between education and employability. Founded by a broad coalition of US and African educators with substantial and varied experience in higher education, AATech emphasizes hands-on experiential learning and a rich student-life experience. 

Universidad del Pacifico, Ecuador

​Universidad Del Pacifico – Ecuador focuses on students’ ability to undertake business, to turn initiatives into economic realities, to organize activities, to assure development and stability of business, to locate resources and employ effective methods of production, development of risk-management capabilities, and a working knowledge of the economic and political environment.

Alfa Beta, Nepal

​Our mission is to diversify partner institutions’ sources of recruitment, thereby creating a more sustainable and resilient business model and to provide every student with a life-changing educational experience and support their steps on that journey.

FUNVAL, Latin America

​Fundet is an international non-profit organization dedicated to breaking generational poverty throughout Latin America through the development of human capital in productive areas according to labor demand.