Accelerated and Targeted Learning

Empower Your Employees with English and
Set the Stage for Success!

A Program with
Proven Results

Align Solutions to Business Needs

North American coaches identify individual and business needs and align Personal Study Plans. Each employee is guided through focused learning tasks and progress is continually assessed

Implement and Achieve

Expert North American coaches are paired with cutting-edge technology. North American coaches hold learners accountable during one-on-one sessions each week

Track Progress

Dashboard reports present every customer with a clear and concise understanding of how prepared employees are to complete real-world tasks such as writing emails, delivering presentations, or conducting strategic planning discussions

Certify Results

Customers receive completion certificates as well as access to the English3 Proficiency Test, a recognized and comprehensive assessment of English ability


Not Just English

  1. American Business Culture

    To succeed in an English-speaking environment, you need more than English, you need cultural awareness and the ability to navigate that environment effectively.

  2. Scenario-based Learning

    With English3’s proprietary scenario-based software, learners gain the ability to succeed in any business environment and at any business task. Employers can expect to see progress on objectives each week.

  3. North American Coaches

    Consistently speaking with Native English speakers is one of the most effective ways to rapidly increase listening and speaking ability, and is vital to developing good pronunciation.

  4. Industry-specific English

    Employers can choose from general English, business English, or role-specific English. Available courses include marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, supply chain, management, medical, nursing, and more.

Online English3 Courses

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Tutor Session English Complete English Plus English Team
$45 / session
$199 / month
$349 / month
One-on-one Sessions
4 total(1/week)
8 total(2/week)

Free Diagnostic Review

Personal Study Plan

Unlimited Online Access

Industry-Specific Training

Discounts on E3PT

Group Sessions(up to 5)

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