Reimagine Pre-arrival and Orientation

Homebase is an online pre-arrival and orientation platform that sets students and scholars up for success, while reducing the workload on ISSS staff.

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Decrease your advising load

Provide an intention space where students can quickly understand immigration and university information. 

Improve key outcomes

Increase admissions yield and first-year retention, reduce melt, and address the  common ways international students struggle

Effectively engage pre-arrival

Give a great first impression of your campus community by integrating students long before they arrive. 

An innovative approach to pre-arrival and orientation

The Homebase platform gives ISSS staff the ability to create a more engaging and seamless transition to your campus–giving students and scholars a greater sense of belonging.


Hear from other universities

Homebase is revolutionizing the way we prepare our students and scholars for arrival and orientation. With Homebase we are meeting our students and scholars where they need us to be rather than asking them to figure out our different systems. We’ve definitely seen a reduction in the number of questions that come in.”


Our students love how easy and engaging this is and that they can come back and finish it whenever they want. Overall, we’ve had a very positive experience.

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Engaging Orientation Content

Homebase provides engaging, professional content to guide your students and scholars. Universities can rapidly edit and launch their site using resources provided by Homebase. 

Common uses for Homebase

  • F-1 student pre-arrival and orientation
  • J-1 pre-arrival and orientation
  • Training department staff of faculty
  • Study abroad pre-departure
  • Domestic students pre-arrival

Popular Content:

  • Introduction to campus community
  • Pre-arrival checklist
  • Student discussion boards
  • Visa interview preparation
  • Maintaining visa status
  • Health insurance overview
  • Integrating into campus life
  • Culture shock and mental health
  • Applying for a SSN
  • And much more…
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