Amplify Your Ability to Support Students and Scholars

Homebase is a pre-arrival and orientation platform improving the international student and scholar experience before and after they arrive on campus.

Setting the Stage for Success

Provide an engaging and effective pre-arrival orientation.

      • Provide just enough, just-in-time information
      • Decrease advising load
      • Verify understanding with quizzes and usage reports
      • Give a great first impression of your campus community
      • Engage and connect with applicants early
      • Increase yield and reduce summer melt
      • Provide the same great experience in every country
Homebase Benefits

Engaging Orientation Content

Homebase creates engaging, professional content to help you students and scholars understand and act on important immigration information.

Easy to Implement, Easy to Manage

Homebase provides resources and structure for quick implementation. The university sets the content.

Popular Topics:

  • Introduction to campus community
  • Pre-arrival checklist
  • Visa interview preparation
  • Maintaining visa status
  • Health insurance overview
  • Integrating into campus life
  • Culture shock 
  • Mental health
  • Applying for a SSN
  • Taxes
  • And much more…

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