English Plus
ESL Levels 1-8 ESL Levels 1-6 help your learn vocabulary and grammar in context of every day tasks. ESL 1-6 focuses on beginner to intermediate English on all four disciplines of speaking, listening, reading and writing. Speaking is emphasized. ESL 7 and 8 Focus on a complete grammar review with speaking practices and grammar quizzes. It also focuses on general academic vocabulary. Each unit has a writing focus to help you write effective persuasive and expository essays. Each level includes access to asynchronous video technology to help you produce much more spoken English and for self-evaluation. In addition, each unit contains authentic conversation practices that will help prepare you for real conversation, interviews, and English Proficiency Tests. My Practice Center The E3 Practice Center capitalizes on the power of asynchronous video to help you have authentic speaking practices. This resource provides timed practices with example responses to help you compare and give even more effective self-evaluation. The Grammar Wall Have access to grammar explanations and quizzes to verify mastery.

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