English Proficiency for J-1 Visitors

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J-1 English Interview

Consistently verify J-1 visitors’ ability to “participate in the program and to function on a day-to-day basis” with a solution built to meet the J-1 needs of universities. English3’s J-1 interview ensures scholars’ ability to function in English while preserving university resources.

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"English3's interview greatly reduces the workload required for ISFS staff to effectively verify J-1 English proficiency."

Virginie Blum, Advisor
Texas A&M, ISFS

The English3 automated J-1 interview has helped me tremendously… it has saved me a ton of time that I can use to focus on other things.

If you are concerned with best practice, you should strongly consider using English3.

Easily the most prepared internationals we had come to our program.

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