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J-1 English Interview

Meeting the DOS requirement for English proficiency should be simple and straightforward. English3's J-1 interview ensures scholar ability to function in English while preserving universtiy resources.

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"English3's interview greatly reduces the workload required for ISFS staff to effectively verify J-1 English proficiency."

Virginie Blum, Advisor
Texas A&M, ISFS
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Trends in J-1 English Assessment

This has been such a positive experience that we are expanding our implementation to include additional programs.

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English3 Success Stories
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By pairing students with expert lagnuage learning coaches and cutting-edge technology, we are able to achieve unrivaled results.

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"This is what I was waiting for. Now I feel comfortable speaking English, thanks to English3!"

Maria Quuada
American Classroom Readiness

Give the gift of preparaton. Set your students up to succeed in an American Classroom. This ACR course helps students overcome culture shock, act with academic integrity, and prepare to fully integrate with their American peers.

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"I recommend it without hesitation. It gave me a first-hand, practical, and relistic tutorial on what to expect in a new culture and learning environment."

Marcos Fonesca
MBA Student, Colombia
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