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North American Tutors

Personal Study Plans

Tutors work with you to identify and accomplish your specific goals. You will be guided through tasks selected to meet your goals. 

Understand American Culture

North American tutors help students to communicate much more effectively by understanding the culture of English-speaking countries.

Native Accents

Speaking with native English speakers rapidly increases listening and speaking ability, and is vital to developing good pronunciation.

Tutor Quality Guarantee

Tutors complete English3’s rigorous certification process and are consistently rated by students to ensure quality.

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Engaging Learning

 1. Assess and Set Goals

With a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, we know where to focus your learning activities

2. Online Activities

English3’s online program allows you to learn new skills and practice them on your own with built-in feedback

3.  Practice with Your Tutor

Tutor sessions are powerful practice sessions where you apply the skills you worked hard to build. Your tutor will guide you and give you feedback

4. Set New Goals

Based upon your success in the process and input from your teacher, you set goals for your next set of activities

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