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A better experience for international offices, sponsoring departments, and J-1 applicants.


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An online, affordable, and convenient English test that universities can trust. 

J-1 English Interview

Verify J-1 visitors’ English proficiency with a solution built to conveniently and effectively meet DS 2019 requirements.

"The English3 interview has helped us tremendously. It is a better experience for administrators and applicants."
Virginie Blum, Texas A&M University


The J-1 Interview at Texas A&M University

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The English3 Proficiency Test (E3PT) provides institutions a more accurate and comprehensive assessment while providing the test-taker a better experience. 

“The E3PT allows for a more diverse pool of students to study at BYU. In addition, the incidence of cheating is much lower—the E3PT gives us an accurate view of applicant English ability.”
Logan Gillette, Director of Graduate Admissions
Brigham Young University
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The E3PT—Innovation for Turbulent Times

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English3 combines one-on-one sessions from North American tutors with unlimited access to online ESL programs.

“English3 was an excellent return on investment. I would recommend it to any individual or organization that is serious about language acquisition."
Craig Woll, PhD, Sr. Learning Manager
Intel Corporation